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Transgender Lives are not a Burden

We have to stop saying that trans people are a burden. Continue reading

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Giving Your Child to the Devil Invites the Devil Closer

If the fruits of your actions are death, how can you claim to be following God? Continue reading

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Loving My Kids Shouldn’t Require Bravery

Is it really brave to do something that comes naturally? Continue reading

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Caring for Yourself as You Parent After a Trump Election

Caring for yourself as a parent following the Trump election. Continue reading

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When Fear Threatens Safety

When discussing transgender people using bathrooms, we need to take care that our fears don’t threaten another’s safety. Continue reading

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We know you want to protect women in bathrooms. What about from actual rapists?

Weeks ago, we were told that women needed to be protected. But apparently not from rapists. Continue reading

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To the Moms of Queer Kids

Any time you write a post to moms, there’s always the risk of leaving someone out. Today I’m writing to one specific group of moms – the moms in Liz Dyer’s group for Christian moms of LGBTQ kids. If that’s … Continue reading

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