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Who I am When a Yes Becomes a No

How much weight do you give to the rejection in your life? Continue reading

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Why I Didn’t Sing Phil Wickham’s Cannons in Church

Do we need to believe that we are unworthy to better understand God’s love for us? Continue reading

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Proving Repentance

One by one, we gathered in the mountains, robbed of cell service and internet access. Our differences were easy to spot. Different ages, different professions, different races. We had the coffee drinkers and the tea drinkers. Those who worked with … Continue reading

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Believing the Right Words

I’m playing piano in church again. I feel like there’s probably a more artful way to build up to that statement, but the truth is, I’m just kind of giddy about it. Church music is where I most connect with … Continue reading

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Embracing Shame

At some point in the past year, I became addicted to shame. I’ve neve been a huge fan of the Jonathan Edwards ideology where I am no more than a spider that God is dangling over the fires of hell. … Continue reading

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