Your Marriage Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Work

For years I scoffed when people would talk about how much work marriage was. Marriage wasn’t hard work. People who considered their marriages hard work clearly were dealing with something defective. And I was right. My marriage wasn’t hard work. It’s not hard work to tolerate your spouse’s dreams. It’s not hard work to sit […]

The Black Dress

I wore black to my second wedding. I wasn’t trying to make some kind of statement┬áthat I was damaged goods because I was getting married a second time after a divorce. I had been looking at maternity wedding dresses on ebay,┬ábut buying a dress to wear one time seemed like an extravagance we could ill […]


Over the years, The Incredibles has become one of my favorite Pixar movies. I love the way the family relates to one another and the ways that their super-powers speak to the people they are in their regular life. But there is one scene early in the movie that is just completely unbelievable to me. […]