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Remembering Without Memories

How do you remember pregnancy and infant loss when there was no time to make memories? A post for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Continue reading

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Letter To My Mom

Remembering my last good day with my mom before she died from ALS. Saying the things I wish I had said that day. Continue reading

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What To Expect When Your Friends Are Expecting…And You Aren’t

When I was pregnant a decade ago with my first batch of kids, I had lots of friends who were going through the same thing. We experienced pregnancy cravings together, enjoyed one another’s baby showers, shared the good and bad advice … Continue reading

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The Need to Rest

Resting is hard. Last night when my feet swelled up to a somewhat alarming size, Rich asked me to call off work and put my feet up for a day. (Literally. I’m typing this with my laptop awkwardly balanced on … Continue reading

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Cankles and Fragile Joy

It’s just 9:30 in the morning, and I can already tell that by the time I get home tonight after teaching, my ankles are going to disappear into my calves. They’re not swollen yet, but it’s coming. Because when you’re … Continue reading

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