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Praise it Safe

We want boldness in our music, but music is a reflection of the culture that produces it, and the church values safety over boldness. Continue reading

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Home Church

Finding a new home church after an affair, divorce, and remarriage. Guest post at You Are Here. Continue reading

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Believing the Right Words

I’m playing piano in church again. I feel like there’s probably a more artful way to build up to that statement, but the truth is, I’m just kind of giddy about it. Church music is where I most connect with … Continue reading

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How Music Saved My Faith (Over and Over)

(This post is part of the synchroblog “What Saved Your Faith?” hosted by Ed Cyzewski to celebrate the release of his new book, “A Christian Survival Guide.” Get the book free today only!) Fridays were chapel day at the private … Continue reading

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Your 5-step Method is Pissing Me Off

I’ve been teaching piano lessons for a while now, and like all piano teachers, I have a favorite method book. But regardless of what method you teach, they all give the same basic information to new piano students. Notes to … Continue reading

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