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Giving Your Child to the Devil Invites the Devil Closer

If the fruits of your actions are death, how can you claim to be following God? Continue reading

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Loving My Kids Shouldn’t Require Bravery

Is it really brave to do something that comes naturally? Continue reading

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3 Actions to Take Following the Trump Election

Three ways I’m trying to bring light after the election of Donald Trump Continue reading

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Caring for Yourself as You Parent After a Trump Election

Caring for yourself as a parent following the Trump election. Continue reading

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┬áDear Christians, it matters how you feel. That’s what the Bible says.

If we’re created in the image of a feeling God, why would we think our feelings are unimportant? Continue reading

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A Prayer for National Coming Out Day

A prayer for 2016 National Coming Out Day Continue reading

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Yes, it IS political

Yes, if you’re calling out Donald Trump’s misogyny, it’s political. Continue reading

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