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Giving Your Child to the Devil Invites the Devil Closer

If the fruits of your actions are death, how can you claim to be following God? Continue reading

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Creating a Pliable God

Do we really want to boil God’s power down to a weather report? Continue reading

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Recluttering My Life

Sometimes we need something to hold. Continue reading

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When Jesus Was Dead

We like to remember the resurrection. But are we forgetting that there was a time when Jesus was dead? Continue reading

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A Strong Faith

We’re often told that trails can make our faith stronger, but what does that strong faith look like? Continue reading

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Relationship vs. Religion and What Leelah Alcorn’s Suicide Shows Us

I’ve been thinking about Leelah Alcorn a lot over the past few days. It saddens me to no end that yet another transgender person has felt so alone that she believed that her only release was death. I hate that it took her death for her to be seen as the woman that she was.

And I’ll be honest, I’ve been thinking about her mom a lot as well. Thinking about what it’s like to lose a child to suicide and to bear the weight of responsibility for that. Continue reading

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New Series: Why Are Christians Bad At Grief?

My mom worked in a nursing home almost my entire life. Every few months after school, we would go over to “the home” and help decorate for the upcoming holiday. We would sing and play for the hymn sings. On … Continue reading

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