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3 Tips to Help Your UMC Friends Grieve

3 tips to help your friends who are grieving the decision of the General Conference. Continue reading

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The Church is Queer

My kids like to say that everything is gay. These video game characters are gay. These TV characters are gay. The plants outside are gay. Our dog is gay. One time I asked my daughter why everything had to be … Continue reading

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It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve written here. The last time I took such a long blogging break it was after my affair and divorce. My marriage now is just fine, but since November 8th, I have had a sense of … Continue reading

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How the Church Can Love the LGBTQ Community Better

When Christians ignore our own sin, we miss the beauty of being the woman anointing Jesus. Continue reading

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Praise it Safe

We want boldness in our music, but music is a reflection of the culture that produces it, and the church values safety over boldness. Continue reading

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Beauty in the Darkness

Can there be beauty in dark times? Continue reading

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Influencing Our Enemies

What if the way that we influence those who are different from us isn’t what we think it is? Continue reading

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