After by Anna Todd #AfterSaga

Writing a book. If you write a blog with any kind of regularity, the idea has probably flitted across your mind at least once. Seeing your name sitting on the shelf with your favorite authors – I would imagine that’s a dream that many of us who sit at our keyboards have, at least in […]

#OneWord365: Voice

I’ve only done the One Word 365 challenge once, but it really did impact the way that I approached my life that year. I was more mindful of the choices that I made, and I think it helped me become a stronger person. Then my life took a major detour, and for a long time […]


I was a recent divorcee, and we were traveling to meet the family of the man with whom I was “the other woman.” Everyone had been gracious from afar, but I knew that his mom had been on the other side of infidelity and I worried that grace might be a little frosty in person. […]

How Music Saved My Faith (Over and Over)

(This post is part of the synchroblog “What Saved Your Faith?” hosted by Ed Cyzewski to celebrate the release of his new book, “A Christian Survival Guide.” Get the book free today only!) Fridays were chapel day at the private school I attended in elementary school. We would gather by grade in the church’s sanctuary, […]

Daring to be Ridiculous

Down time can sometimes be hard to find. When everyone in the house is self-employed and it means you don’t get paid if you don’t get the products out, taking time off can be hard to justify. It’s nice because you get to spend time doing the thing that you love to do, but there can […]

Reluctant Jam

Shawn Smucker inspires and challenges my thoughts about writing all the time. There are a handful of people who have had a direct influence on how I write and Shawn is among them. I am honored to have to opportunity to post over at his site today about my recent failed jam experiment (and some […]

Dear Leo – Here is the World

Dear Leo, Welcome to the world, little one! Or as Frederick Buechner so brilliantly stated, “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” Sweet child, all of this is true. There is so much beauty in the world. There are the instagrammable moments of beauty, like sunsets and spiderwebs catching […]

What Turning 40 Means To Me

Tomorrow I turn 40. I was born at 1:03am, so I’ll be 40 as soon as I wake up. We’re right in the middle of a move, so the birthday stuff has kind of been on the back burner. Don’t even get me started on how brutal it is to find a place when your husband […]

When Rejection is Hard to See: #WaWiW

We’ve all experienced rejection at some point in our lives. We’ve all been overlooked, passed by, slighted. It happens to all of us, but that in no way lessens the sting in the moment that it happens. Being told that you’re not wanted cuts to the most tender parts of us and can leave us […]