Stuff I’ve Been Reading #5

Happy day! I hope you’re well. Here are some of my favorite reads of the week. I hope there’s something here to stir up some conversation as you close out your weekend. As the weather heats up, so once again, does the conversation about modesty for women. Micah Murray wrote a fantastic piece about what […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #4

Hello! Lots of good stuff to choose from for this week’s link up. I hope what I’ve got here inspires some interesting conversations. This post by Jen Luitwieler at Deeper Story about her daughter was one of my very favorite reads this week. I have experienced some of what she talks about in this post […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #3

Sorry for missing last week. I’m still in the process of trying to figure out how best to make time for writing in the midst of a lot of busy. I know that lots of people do it, I just haven’t quite figured out my groove yet. So this will be links that I’ve enjoyed from […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #1

It’s back! I’ve really missed doing these posts. Finding interesting things and sharing them is still one of my favorite things to do, so I’m glad to finally be back at it. So without further ado: My friend Ed Cyzewski is a ridiculously talented writer, and he intimidates me all the time with his talent. […]