Stuff I’ve Been Reading #12

Happy weekend! Here are some of my favorite reads from this week. I hope there’s something here that sparks some discussion for you. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Matthew Paul Turner’s newest book, you need to do that right away. But in the meantime you can read a great summary of […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #11

Here’s to the weekend! And to good reading! Here are some of my favorite things from the week. We cannot close our eyes to the place of racism in the case of Ferguson. Joe Hendren showcased that by compiling a number of racist quotes from a GoFundMe page that was set up to make donations […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #10

It’s been quite a week. Lots going on, lots of it not so great. I hope that some of the links here add to some thoughtful dialogue for the remainder of your weekend. This piece by Greg Howard is one of my favorite pieces on the situation that occurred this week in Ferguson and what […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #9

I hope you’re enjoying the final weeks of summer before school starts back (or maybe school has already started for you, in which case, I hope your first few days have been wonderful!). I hope you find something in these links that sparks some interesting conversation this weekend. This poem by John Blase was probably […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #8

Some of my favorites from this week. By the way, I’ve started adding links that I like over on my Facebook page. I did that because I’ve been pretty hit or miss over here. I’m trying to get better about that, but in the meantime, I thought that was a good way to share posts […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #7

Happy weekend, friends! Here’s a list of some of my favorite things out on the internet this week. Enjoy! I loved this post about living in sin from my friend Grace. As one who has been there (is still there, at least according to some), I thought she pretty much nailed it. Joy Bennett wrote […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #6

So it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these, but I’ve read some good pieces lately, and I wanted to share them. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and that these piece inspire some interesting conversations. This piece by Darlena Cunha at the Washington Post about driving her Mercedes to pick up food […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #5

Happy day! I hope you’re well. Here are some of my favorite reads of the week. I hope there’s something here to stir up some conversation as you close out your weekend. As the weather heats up, so once again, does the conversation about modesty for women. Micah Murray wrote a fantastic piece about what […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #4

Hello! Lots of good stuff to choose from for this week’s link up. I hope what I’ve got here inspires some interesting conversations. This post by Jen Luitwieler at Deeper Story about her daughter was one of my very favorite reads this week. I have experienced some of what she talks about in this post […]

Stuff I’ve Been Reading #3

Sorry for missing last week. I’m still in the process of trying to figure out how best to make time for writing in the midst of a lot of busy. I know that lots of people do it, I just haven’t quite figured out my groove yet. So this will be links that I’ve enjoyed from […]