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The Billy Graham Rule: An Adulterer’s Perspective

For years I eschewed the Billy Graham rule. Then I had an affair with my best friend. Where am I now? Continue reading

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Creating a Pliable God

Do we really want to boil God’s power down to a weather report? Continue reading

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Why I Support Protesting Trump

We tend to have selective amnesia about how people react when there’s a change of party in the White House. Some always feel disenfranchised and overreact with the worst possible caricatures of what the words said during the campaigns could … Continue reading

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It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve written here. The last time I took such a long blogging break it was after my affair and divorce. My marriage now is just fine, but since November 8th, I have had a sense of … Continue reading

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3 Actions to Take Following the Trump Election

Three ways I’m trying to bring light after the election of Donald Trump Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me Nasty

Don’t use Donald Trump’s pejorative to describe me. Continue reading

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Voting with a Pro-Life Ethic

I’m a single issue voter – pro-life all the way. ALL the way. Continue reading

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