I like to think of fall as a dignified season. All tweed blazers and pea coats and sweater vests. But the truth is, fall is just Mother Nature wearing her pajamas out in public.


We’ll head to church in a few hours, but first, I visit my sanctuary. The pews are dew soaked lawn chairs, bought used from Craigslist. (We made sure we had enough for everyone, but most of our monkeys prefer carefully picking their way along the tight rope railing, the daring ones leaping into the grass […]

Morning Prayers

Another day begins stretching its arms up to brush away the dark. In the morning let me know your love, O Lord. New mercies and joy arrive each day. Some mornings new mercies look like a cup coffee; joy like fresh fruit on my cereal. In the morning let me know your love, O Lord. […]

How I Am

People ask, “How are you doing?” (Though less often now, because after almost two months it’s not much of a concern.) I usually say, “I’m doing okay. It’s hard, but I’m okay.” But the truth is, hard is the only word I can use to describe how I feel. It was hard when my due […]


My womb emptied And we held you for a brief moment Marveling at your delicate, beautiful features. Your dark hair, Your long toes, Your tiny nose, Your perfect lips. Too soon our arms were emptied, No longer able to hold you, To smell the top of your head, To stroke your sweet skin, Or kiss […]