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Should Divorce Be An Option?

Christians have had “divorce isn’t an option” ingrained into their psyche. But is that phrase doing more harm than good? Continue reading

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Valuing Marriage Through Extravagant Grace

Is doubling down on divorced couples the best way for evangelicals to value marriage? Continue reading

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He’s My Partner

When we’re young, labeling relationships is easy. This person is my friend, this person is my best friend, this person is my BEST best friend. When it’s a romantic relationship, it’s the same. You can be dating or going out. … Continue reading

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Fresh, Not Frozen

When the dark days came the first time, I stopped cooking. I was nearly 30, I had four very young children, and a husband who was battling demons that nearly took him out of the picture entirely. Chicken casserole gave … Continue reading

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Always After an Affair

Is “always” too optimistic after you’ve had an affair? Continue reading

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Your Marriage Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Work

For years I scoffed when people would talk about how much work marriage was. Marriage wasn’t hard work. People who considered their marriages hard work clearly were dealing with something defective. And I was right. My marriage wasn’t hard work. … Continue reading

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The Black Dress

I wore black to my second wedding. I wasn’t trying to make some kind of statement that I was damaged goods because I was getting married a second time after a divorce. I had been looking at maternity wedding dresses on … Continue reading

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