After by Anna Todd #AfterSaga

Writing a book. If you write a blog with any kind of regularity, the idea has probably flitted across your mind at least once. Seeing your name sitting on the shelf with your favorite authors – I would imagine that’s a dream that many of us who sit at our keyboards have, at least in […]

It’s Time to Learn About Your #AmericanGod

Last year I met Matthew Paul Turner for breakfast and he was telling me about his new book, Our Great Big American God. I loved having the opportunity to sit across from him, sipping coffee, listening to him talk about this project that he was so excited about. It was fascinating to hear just a […]

How Music Saved My Faith (Over and Over)

(This post is part of the synchroblog “What Saved Your Faith?” hosted by Ed Cyzewski to celebrate the release of his new book, “A Christian Survival Guide.” Get the book free today only!) Fridays were chapel day at the private school I attended in elementary school. We would gather by grade in the church’s sanctuary, […]

Being Allowed to Speak

Telling people about the affair was among the most stressful¬†things I’ve had to do. And¬†telling the editors at A Deeper Story added to that. I knew that the editors were incredibly kind and would not judge, but I also knew that there would probably not be a place for me among the storytellers when I […]