To the Moms of Queer Kids

Any time you write a post to moms, there’s always the risk of leaving someone out. Today I’m writing to one specific group of moms – the moms in Liz Dyer’s group for Christian moms of LGBTQ kids. If that’s you, you can email Liz at to request information on how to join.

I see you today.
Standing in church,
wondering if you belong.
Wondering if you can share
the pictures of your son
and his boyfriend at prom.
Wondering if you can send invitations
to your daughter’s wedding,
when the people in the pews
knew her as your son.
Wondering if your daughter,
with her suit and shaved head,
will be turned away
at the ladies room.

I see you today.
Not sure if you’re ever going back
to church,
after being asked to keep silent
about your gay child.
Hurt over and over again
by a religion that valued rules
over relationships.
Forced to choose between
your flesh and blood family
and those who claim to be your spirit family.
Told you are mutilating your trans son,
told that your love is lacking
because you won’t call your daughter
an abomination.

I see you today.
Not sure if you are ready
to fully embrace your child
after he told you,
“I’m gay.”
Feeling torn apart by guilt,
ripped in half by lost expectations.
Wondering if you can love Jesus
and your lesbian daughter.
Learning terms and phrases,
that remind you that your child
isn’t like other children.

I see you today.
Holding your child’s hand proudly,
knowing that there can be no boundaries
when it comes to loving your offspring.
You fight fiercely,
you love unconditionally,
you cry deeply,
and you laugh joyfully.
You don’t let others tell you
what love looks like.
You’ve felt it,
and you refuse to allow it
to be quenched.

I see you today,
you moms of queer kids.
I see you,
and I love you.

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