#OneWord365 2016: Unapologetic



On New Year’s Eve, we had a mandatory hour of quiet at our house before the evening festivities (which included playing games, drinking some aged eggnog, and watching hours of FailArmy videos). We asked all of the kids to grab a nap, or engage in some kind of quiet activity for a little while, so we could all feel a bit more prepared for the late night.

During that down time, we rested and Rich and I talked about our hopes for the new year. Aspirations we have spiritually, physically, professionally, emotionally. It was good in the final hours of last year to take a little bit of time to think about what we want to do in the coming year.

I’ve been thinking about my One Word 365 for 2015, which was Voice. I believe that as the year has progressed, I have found my voice more and more, especially as it pertains to my writing. I think that I have become more bold in my writing, and I took more risks, including publishing my first book.

But in my personal life, there are still areas where I‘m prone to silence myself. Places where I’m hesitant to share my thoughts. With people, I still tend to say I’m sorry more than I need to. 

One day as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw this graphic. I thought that it so clearly said what I have been struggling with for much of my life. And it led me to my one word for 2016.

Often I tend to apologize for things that don’t require an apology, and most of the time it’s an apology for something that I need. I need to cry. I need to rest. I need to be held. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Feeling like my needs are unimportant compared to the needs of others.

So this year my one word is going to be Unapologetic. Not because I think I have nothing to apologize for, but to be more intentional about the apologies I offer. To think more about my words, and to be more sincere in the apologies that I do offer.

To choose not to apologize for things that are simply part of who I am.

What was your one word for 2015? What is your one word for 2016? 

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