Embracing Grief Now Available!

You’ve heard me talking about this book for a while, and I’ve been writing it even longer than that. But today, Embracing Grief: Leaning Into Loss to Find Life is finally available for your reading pleasure. Although, it’s about grief, so maybe pleasure isn’t the right word. More like, for you to read, and hopefully gain something from.

But really, I’ve poured a lot of myself into this book over the past months and I am proud of the end result. When you’re encountering grief now, or you’re close to someone who is in a dark season, I believe this book can be of some benefit to you. A lot of books on grief will tell you how you should feel, I want you to know only that you should feel.

EGCover Final


Alise gently draws back the curtain and invites us to sit with her, not only in her own grief, but in ours as well. This important book isn’t so much a primer as it is a kind, transparent narrative.

– Shawn Smucker, author of The Day the Angels Fell

When I lost my mom five years ago, I could have used Alise Chaffins’ rich and honest book, Embracing Grief. Even now, when the grief is not as raw but is still very present, I found Alise’s words to be comforting, encouraging, and affirming in just the perfect ways.  A must-read for anyone who wearies of the platitudes around grief in our culture.

– Andi Cumbo-Floyd, author of The Slaves Have Names

I trust no one more than Alise Chaffins to write with bracing honesty about the grieving process. You won’t find short cuts or cliches in this book that will offer comfort and hope to those going through the darkest of valleys.

– Ed Cyzewski, author of A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith and Hope

…what amazes me most about this book is not only Alise’s eloquence to write about something that is so hard to put into words but that she’s made the entirely brave step to share. The tendency would be to focus inward and stay that way for fear of being hurt again. Or to react bitterly and angrily. Vulnerability becomes as painful as the grief itself.  But, here, for you to read, to judge, to feel, is Alise’s soul laid naked in an act that is both brave and fearless. Despite the isolation and rejection, she has chosen to share.

– Caleb Wilde, blogger at Confessions of a Funeral Director

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