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Two Faces of the Church

Behind the face of the church that we want, another less desirable church lurks. Continue reading

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It’s a Good Life

It’s been almost a year since Elliott’s death and I’m not fine. Continue reading

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Mother God

Remembering God isn’t a man on Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why My Next Church Will Be Affirming

Four reasons why I want to attend an affirming church. Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why I Stayed in Non-Affirming Churches

4 reasons why I’ve stayed in non-affirming churches for so long. Continue reading

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He Knows Their Name: The Mom of a Transgender Teen Speaks Out

I am one of those people who has very strong feelings about naming children. When choosing names for my kids, I was very adamant that the names not be shortened, but that they go by the name given to them. … Continue reading

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