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He’s My Partner

When we’re young, labeling relationships is easy. This person is my friend, this person is my best friend, this person is my BEST best friend. When it’s a romantic relationship, it’s the same. You can be dating or going out. … Continue reading

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We Take, We Eat, We Remember

Sometimes communion happens on a living room floor with chicken wings and Coke Zero. And it is beautiful. Continue reading

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Let’s Be The Church Together

It’s hard to be the Church by yourself. Continue reading

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Welcome to Church, Hope You’re an Ear

If someone is being asked to make themselves something that they are not, are you actually welcoming that person to your church? If you’re asking someone to make themselves invisible, do you want them in you congregation? Continue reading

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Our Voices Will Not Be Silenced

In 1988, I met Jesus on a muddy hillside in Pennsylvania. I had caught glimpses before, but there, with the smell of pine needles and the body odor of a few hundred unwashed humans, I saw him clearly and I … Continue reading

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Does RFRA Offer Christians Freedom?

Looking at Indiana’s RFRA law, I ask if we’re experiencing freedom from certain actions or freedom to certain actions, and how that relates to Christianity. Continue reading

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The Dark and Beautiful Cross: Christus Victor

The cross could be seen as a relief from God’s wrath, but I choose to see it as a reflection of God’s love. Continue reading

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