#OneWord365: Voice


I’ve only done the One Word 365 challenge once, but it really did impact the way that I approached my life that year. I was more mindful of the choices that I made, and I think it helped me become a stronger person.

Then my life took a major detour, and for a long time my words were all negative. Guilt, shame, grief. Not words that look pretty in a graphic. Not words that inspire. Not words that encourage. Instead they are confining, choking words.

Those words choked my voice.

I have been finding it again, slowly, over the course of this year. There have been times when I feel like I have said the things that I want to say in the way that I want to say them, without worrying about What Others Think. I am grateful for those who have encouraged me, those who have reminded me that it is not automatically selfish to care for myself.

As I have been thinking about what I want to meditate on for 2015, the word that has come to mind has been “voice.” My voice. Saying and writing the words that I need to say. Not without regard for others, but without the need to please others, as I often get those two things confused in my head.

I want to honor others, but I also want to honor my own voice.

6 thoughts on “#OneWord365: Voice

  1. Thank you for sharing always. Your journey has been painful but also life affirming. I look forward to seeing how this word affects the coming year.

    As for my word, I have chosen Stretched. All the words I have chosen have stretched me in various ways. It came to me to focus on it fully for this coming year.

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