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It was the evening meal. Often a raucous event, tonight it was uncharacteristically  quiet. The events of the past week were being replayed in the minds of each of the men at the table, especially in that of Simon Peter. The mood … Continue reading

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Autumn Afghan

It’s been years since I’ve crocheted an afghan. I learned to crochet from my grandmother. She had been crocheting my whole life, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I decided to approach her about learning that craft. … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why I Think John Piper is Wrong About Lust Being Worse Than Nuclear Holocaust

A few weeks ago, the Ask Pastor John podcast posted a link called Lust: More Dangerous Than Nuclear Holocaust. I thought that surely had to be some click bait and it probably wasn’t quite so bold a statement in the … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Blurry

I stood in front of Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields at Auvers Under Clouded Sky in the Carnegie Museum of Art, and couldn’t stop myself from crying. Here I was, just inches away from a piece of history painted by … Continue reading

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The Desperate Woman

The man kissed the woman, and she kissed back. She was promised to someone else and so was he, but she wasn’t thinking about the other people right then, not really. She wasn’t thinking about long-term consequences, not really. She … Continue reading

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Abandoning the Sanctuary

We have stopped using terms that might trigger negative associations with the Church, but if we are still continuing the same behaviors that hinder safety, the language doesn’t make much difference. Continue reading

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We’ll head to church in a few hours, but first, I visit my sanctuary. The pews are dew soaked lawn chairs, bought used from Craigslist. (We made sure we had enough for everyone, but most of our monkeys prefer carefully … Continue reading

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