Stuff I’ve Been Reading #9

I hope you’re enjoying the final weeks of summer before school starts back (or maybe school has already started for you, in which case, I hope your first few days have been wonderful!). I hope you find something in these links that sparks some interesting conversation this weekend.

    • This poem by John Blase was probably my favorite thing I’ve read all week. I 100% agree that abundant has to mean more than just happy. Also, fearfully and wonderfully mad has to be one of the best turns of a phrase ever. Seriously, do not miss this link.
    • Also over at A Deeper Story, a lovely piece by my friend Jessica Bowman about dealing with PTSD.
    • I really enjoyed this response to a piece asking the LGBT community to remain celibate. As marriage equality becomes a reality across the country, this will continue to be an important conversation.
    • With the promised return of a 5th season of Arrested Development, I desperately want Netflix to revive my other favorite show, Seinfeld. I think they could get an awesome season out of these fifteen tweets from @SeinfeldToday.
    • I’ve been seriously loving The Liturgists, particularly God Our Mother recently. It’s a project by Michael Gungor, and it’s a series of meditations and prayers. If you’re interested in a different way of praying, this is an amazing series.
    • I’m a piano teacher, so I was fascinated by this TED talk about what happens to your brain when you play an instrument. Absolutely fascinating.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

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