Stuff I’ve Been Reading #5

Happy day! I hope you’re well. Here are some of my favorite reads of the week. I hope there’s something here to stir up some conversation as you close out your weekend.

  • As the weather heats up, so once again, does the conversation about modesty for women. Micah Murray wrote a fantastic piece about what women need to know about men when it comes to this discussion.
  • Last Sunday Matthew Paul Turner wrote a phenomenal post for The Daily Beast about the reaction to Matthew Vines’s new book, God and the Gay Christian.
  • This post by Jen Luitwieler gave me some good food for thought as I’m dealing with some negative thoughts in my own life. Learning to accept truth while not allowing that to inflate into something more is often hard to do.
  • Loved this short post by Grace Biskie about living with messy grace. Grateful for those who have chosen to walk in that tension with me.
  • This is an older one, but I really appreciated this post about personhood and feminism by Dianna Anderson. It can be easy to miss some of the things that she discusses in this article when we get too reductionist about what feminism is.
  • Reader Joel Mimbs gave me THE BEST wings sauce recipe I’ve ever tried. We kicked the spice up just a notch from what this called for, but wow. If you like wings, you absolutely want to try this sauce.
  • Johnnyswim’s new album Diamonds dropped this week. This duo is one of my favorites. Fantastic lyrics, gorgeous harmonies, solid album from start to finish. And the whole album is just $7 (or you can buy the CD for $9 and get the MP3 for free). A must-have, in my opinion.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week? Link it up in the comments!

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