Stuff I’ve Been Reading #3

Sorry for missing last week. I’m still in the process of trying to figure out how best to make time for writing in the midst of a lot of busy. I know that lots of people do it, I just haven’t quite figured out my groove yet. So this will be links that I’ve enjoyed from the past few weeks. Off we go!

  • This piece from the New Yorker about parenting absolutely killed me. Because yes, I think I’ve read enough parenting articles to last me a lifetime.
  • A number of my friends participated in a conference call with Rich Stearns of World Vision, where he shared that they lost 10,000 sponsorships in two days. I appreciated what Matthew Paul Turner had to say about that.
  • But in addition to the 10,000 children, there were a number of LGBTQ people who were also betrayed by the events of two weeks ago. Ben Moberg shared a poignant and important post about how the decision and reversal affected him.
  • There have been a lot of exceptional posts about what the World Vision change/reversal means for the Church at large, and I hope to share some of my own thoughts about that later, but I really appreciated this post from Preston Yancey about what all of this means for him as a person in the Church.
  • With autism awareness month upon us, I found this blog that addresses some common concerns about autism. While I think that Autism Speaks does a lot of good, I also believe that this site is an important reminder that autism is a spectrum disorder and fear is perhaps not the best way to raise awareness.
  • We’ve been using our weekends for stretching our baking skills. A couple of weeks ago we made this chocolate mousse cake. It is very time-intensive, but the result was amazing.
  • Not a new book, but I’ve been reading Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep this week. King remains one of my favorite fiction writers, and I am loving this particular story. If you liked The Shining, I do not think you’ll be disappointed in this one.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!

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