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The Pope, World Vision, and Watering Down the Gospel

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis suggested that there should be further study on the issue of marriage equality in the Catholic church. Just a few days ago, Richard Stearns announced that World Vision would be allowing married, gay Christians … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading #2

Happy Sunday! Let’s get right to it, shall we? My friend Matthew does a wonderful job of addressing hypocrisy in the Christian culture. I really appreciate his take on Mark Driscoll’s apology. I think he hits a really good tone … Continue reading

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Redemption Only Through Failure?

Jesus, Jesus, there are those that say they love you But they have treated me so goddamn mean And I know you said ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’ But sometimes I think they do And I … Continue reading

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Choosing Between Nice and Honest (And Choosing Neither)

Last night Rich and I were sitting on the couch reading through comments and messages left on Facebook after we announced our recent marriage and he asked me, “Do you think social media has made situations like ours more difficult?” … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading #1

It’s back! I’ve really missed doing these posts. Finding interesting things and sharing them is still one of my favorite things to do, so I’m glad to finally be back at it. So without further ado: My friend Ed Cyzewski … Continue reading

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Neither Do I Condemn You

In recent months, I’ve pored over John 8:1-11. I’ve always loved that story, but it has come to have special meaning to me more recently. When you see bits of yourself in a story, it is hard not to relate. … Continue reading

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Your 5-step Method is Pissing Me Off

I’ve been teaching piano lessons for a while now, and like all piano teachers, I have a favorite method book. But regardless of what method you teach, they all give the same basic information to new piano students. Notes to … Continue reading

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