Some Sins Are More Equal Than Others

I used to hate that I didn’t have a “good” testimony. I didn’t have an abusive family. I didn’t have a sketchy sexual history. I didn’t have a drug addiction. I had a loving family, a fairly chaste past, and aside from a few drunken parties in college, didn’t really do anything that made me […]

Scarlet is the New White

(This post contains spoilers about the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Be aware!) I’ve recently been rewatching the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. I haven’t read the book, but I do love the show. It is funny and heartbreaking and gritty and basically all of the things that I find appealing […]

Welcome to Knitting Soul

Hi there! Thanks for making the journey. Again. Changing blogs is always kind of a mixed bag. There’s the excitement of a fresh start. Deciding on a new name, picking out a new template, clicking the “new post” button and realizing it’s not just A new post but THE new post. Of course, there’s also […]